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Why use a

Transaction Coordinator?

When it comes to a home under contract, agents have to act as the ultimate project manager. Opening escrow, coordinating inspections and appointments, and organizing a stack of paperwork a mile high are only a few of the things real estate professionals have to do. On top of that, everything is on a deadline. You definitely don’t want it to be your fault if a detail is missed. 

Think back to your last several real estate transactions...did either of the following occur?

  • Something fell through the cracks. You forgot to do something, or you were a little late getting it done. Your TC will keep every little detail in check so nothing falls through the cracks. It will be insane how on top of everything you are—the purchase agreement will ALWAYS be filled out 100% correctly, the earnest money will ALWAYS be deposited on time, repair requests will ALWAYS be sent prior to the get the picture.

  • You got so bogged down by administrative tasks—paperwork, emails, etc.—that you spent too much time in front of a computer...and not enough time in front of people. In other words, you didn't have enough face-to-face time with your clients, or you didn't do nearly enough prospecting. Or you simply missed out on precious family time.

  • Your TC will take care of the time-consuming administrative tasks required for each transaction, giving you more time to focus on:

    • building relationships

    • providing an exceptional client experience

    • prospecting

    • converting leads

    • spending quality time with family and friends

    • enjoying hobbies

    • living your life

If you experienced one or all of these scenarios, you should consider enlisting the help of a real estate transaction coordinator.

Why Use Me as Your 

Transaction Coordinator?

I will keep track of all the timelines, deadlines and make sure all the different parties to a contract are working together towards a smooth closing. This frees you up to do what you do best... Sell real estate. As a licensed KW Agent, I maintain my own access to the local RAPB + GFLR MLS, which means, if needed, I am also able to unlock doors. Working with me is like having all of the advantages of having your own personal assistant with none of the disadvantages. 


BONUS for Keller Williams Agents! I have my own access to KW Command and stay up to speed and knowledgable on its functions and ongoing updates. Making me the perfect secret weapon in your arsenal as you move forward in continuing to work through the ongoing updates and keep your files current with all of the changes happening at Keller Williams.

Did you know that by adding an experienced transaction coordinator to your business you can potentially add an additional ten to twenty five transactions a year to your pipeline?


It's time for you to utilize the power of LEVERAGE in your business and grow to the next level. Begin by selecting the "lets start" button below!


April has by far been the greatest addition to my arsonal of tools. My clients all love her and she has this way of just knowing what I need before I ask for it. 

Keith D-

I found the piece I didn't even know I was missing! April has been a blessing to my sanity and my business!

Melissa B-

I never planned to use a transaction coordinator... Then I met April on the other side of a transaction, hired her and now can't imagine life without her.

Michael K-